Ep: 6 Game of Thrones – Kings of the North!

25 10 2010

In this special “Kings of the North” edition podcast, we discuss HBO’s upcoming adaptation of George RR Martin’s epic Game of Thrones. We share our thoughts on casting, filming locations, as well as our general enthusiasm for the project. Those who have not read the novel(s) be warned: SPOILERS!!

Ep: 6 Game of Thrones – Kings of the North!


Zack Snyder directing Superman! And the state of the Marvel Movieverse!

6 10 2010

Zack Snyder is directing Superman! Darren Aronofsky really might direct Wolverine 2?! Also this week, we discuss the state of the Marvel Movie Universe  (and we review the Social Network and discuss animal actors in film!)

Zack Synder directing Superman – X-Men First Class, Marvel Universe

What We’ve Been Watchin’ 9/28

29 09 2010

After a week off, we come back to discuss anarchy. Rooting for evil bastards in the show Boardwalk Empire and the movie The Town has us wondering why we seem to be obsessed with the anti hero. We even discuss the upcoming show The Walking Dead and how, at times, it will actually having you rooting for the zombies and the apocalypse (read that series before the show on the comixology ap on your smart phones or IPAD!) Grab a beer gang, it’s Wednesday is for Movies time!

What we’re watchin’ 9_28

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13 09 2010

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The Crappy Movies Episode

8 09 2010

It’s the crappy movie podcast! According to Jandro, there are approximately a dozen crappy movies out there. If this is true, then we cover most of them in this very podcast! From crappy movies we love to crappy movies that should be buried deep below the ground to never be seen again, it’s all here on this wonderful drunken podcast! Meanwhile, our guest—Monty—decides to put the whole system on trial! It’s the best Wednesdayisforcomics.com podcast yet! Get it while it’s hot!

Montycast 2

Fall 2010 TV- Is TV > Movies?!

2 09 2010

Jedcast! Fall 2010 TV. We make the argument that there are some TV shows whose production values and extended format have made them actually more enjoyable and involving than most of the best movies. We also explain the importance of: “violent nudity”, old school cartoons, and how utterly impossible it is to spell Martin scorseesess’s last name. On top of this great stuff, we go on to explain how that same director shapes reality and is challenged only by Robocop in raw power. We also get utterly hammered in the last half hour and get in a big fight about Aliens that costs me a billion dollars.

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27 08 2010

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